[Health Decoding] Is it still in "Ge You"? Beware of your spine!

[Health Decoding] Is it still in "Ge You"? Beware of your spine!

[Health Decoding] Is it still in "Ge You"? Beware of your spine!

The word "Ge You" has become the popularity in the mouth in recent years. The whole person is completely relaxed, and the image of the sofa in the sofa has also become the most comfortable posture of many netizens.

Dr. Yang Liqiang, the pain department of Capital Medical University, said that although this posture is very comfortable, it will give us a lot of burden. If you are still sitting on the sofa, you may also cause a lot of this in the future. Avoiding diseases. In addition to muscles, our body is more importantly our spine and bones. When our muscles relax on the sofa, "Ge You" is actually not maintained in the state of our normal spine, and the damage to the spine is very large. First, the normal curvature of our lumbar vertebrae will deform, at this time, it seems that the muscles relax, but the lumbar vertebrae is very uncomfortable.

There is also our cervical vertebrae when "Ge You" is damaged.

The cervical vertebrae actually has a certain curvature. When we "Ge You Palsy" is lying on the sofa, the curvature of our cervical vertebrass has also changed, at this time, there is a lot of spine, cervical vertebrae, lumbar and thoracic vertebra. s damage. Therefore, even in daily life, we have a fatigue, but also to avoid the posture of "Ge You". Yang Liqiang suggested that in daily life, we can deliberately try "orthoped" posture. Although this posture will feel that muscles are easy to fatigue when not getting used, but it can maintain normal spinal curvature to reduce damage to the spine. After the habit, the fatigue of muscles will also gradually decrease.

At the same time, we should also develop the habit of moderate activities. At 30-40 minutes, you can get up and active cervical spine and lumbar vertebrae, and can also alleviate the fatigue of the body. At the same time, Dr. Yang, also pointed out that "Ge Yanti" has the emergence of lazy gestures, often related to our own tiredness. Therefore, I want to really bid farewell to "Ge Yimei", but also need to change their live habits in daily life.

Plenty sleep, good mentality, adequate exercise and balanced diet can help us maintain adequate energy, defeat lazy fatigue, bid farewell to "Ge You"! [Expert Introduction] Yang Liqiang, Ph.D., Chief Physician, Associate Professor, Department of Pain by the Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital. There is a solid theoretical basis for a variety of common chronic refractory pain diseases, rich clinical experience, such as trigeminal neuralgia, neck and shoulders and legs. Thousands of different minimally invasive intervention surgery have been independently completed, and thousands of cases were treated in various outpatient nerve blockages. Especially good at radiofrequency surgery of the trigeminal neurot hin, a minimally invasive interventional surgery of necklace lumbar vertebrae. [Introduction to the column] "Health Decoding" is a large-scale original health science video section of Xinhuanet.

Pay attention to the public’s awareness and advocate health wisdom.

The column invites the major three-level hospitals, authoritative institution experts to record, from a healthy lifestyle, disease premature diagnosis, health misunderstanding, scientific health knowledge and other perspectives, easy and humorous, deep and simple.

Each episode shows that the mystery of the three-dimensional animation and studio recording, all-round, stereotypely, the programs are short and delicate, which makes people get practical, scientific health knowledge in fragmentation, and is useful.

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