When a large number of Taiwanese "waiters"

When a large number of Taiwanese "waiters"

When a large number of Taiwanese "waiters"

  "Hangzhou Taiwan Office is very concerned about us, really treat us as a good friend, thinking about us everywhere.

We thank them from your heart.

"" We think, they can think of; we can’t think of it, they can think of it. "

Many things make us have no return, only to work with more effort to introduce more Taiwan-funded, foreign investment, and repayment to us in Hangzhou … When the reporter visited Taiwan-funded enterprises at Hangzhou at the end of May, he heard it in Hangzhou at the end of May. The most "thanks" and "grateful".

  Dedicin service, please, Taiwanese, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, Tiaobao.

In recent years, in the exchange of cross-strait exchange, Taiwanese Taiwanese media has played a pivotal role in the development of Hangzhou. In an interview with a reporter, the Director of Hangzhou Taiwan Affairs Office said that, in Hangzhou, Hangzhou attaches great importance to the legitimate rights and interests of Taiwan business, and enhances the economic and trade integration of Hangtai. In particular, Hangzhou Taiwan Affairs Office, in the promotion of enterprises to upgrade, encouraging the two-strait youth entrepreneurial innovation, trying to be a "waiter", further optimizing the level of service, efforts to provide accurate service, active services and effective services.

As of the end of 2015, there were more than 500 Taiwan-funded enterprises in Hangzhou, with a total investment of billion US dollars. In 2015, there were billions of US dollars, sales of 138 billion yuan, and achieved tax 19.2 billion yuan.

  Liang Jianhua revealed to reporters that in recent years, Hangzhou has taken the lead in the Taiwan Affairs Office, encouraging Taiwan college students and graduates to reach Hangzhou internship and entrepreneurship, and promote two-strait youth to increase mutual trust, and draw a psychological distance. From 2011 to 2015, Hangzhou has arranged more than 100 Taiwanese college students to live in Hangzhou; continue to launch more more than 60 internships and more than 30 employment positions in 2016; At present, there are nearly 2,000 Taiwanese plants in Hangzhou After the "University of Entrepreneurs, 578 people. According to Liang Jianhua .

  In 2015, Hangzhou Municipal Government and Foxconn Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and both parties join hands with Alibaba Group to jointly launch the "Tao Futheng" project, which became an important part of the innovative ecological chain of Hangzhou Yunqi Town.

As of the end of 2015, "Amoy Futures" held a 36-phase project screening meeting, 296 projects participated in road performance, registration completed 43, talking about 25, and docked 3 Taiwan projects. To this end, Foxconn funded 100 million yuan and established Hongfu Innovation (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. In April this year, Yulong Auto Finance (China) Co., Ltd. was established in Hangzhou. It marked that the Yulong Group’s automobile after-sales service sector has a more complete layout. It will attract financial related professional talents to Hangzhou, develop automobile finance and rental industries to settle down, for Hangzhou economy Social development contributes.

Yulong is about to launch pure electric new energy vehicles will also promote the upgrading of Hangzhou economy and promote the development of national brand automobile industry.

  Next to the venue of Hangzhou G20 Summit, there is a building with the same name with Taipei – "Dibao".

It is a Taihang Building, which is 800 million yuan, an investment of 800 million yuan, which is expected to be officially opened before the Spring Festival will be officially opened next year. It is reported that this Gemini Taihang Building not only has a concentrated office in Hangzhou, but also adds a high-end hotel for Hangzhou. Shiyue Yuanchang builds Hangzhou Hangzhou Xiaoshan, and some employees have been in the new plant production office. The all-in-one classical furniture is all in the office, and the hall is like a Buddhist Hall, the cigarette is lingering, the Buddha is around the beam.

After inquiring, I learned that Yuan Yongdong, chairman of the group, is a devout Buddhist.

  Yuan Yongdong pointed to Buddha and Chinese classical furniture. We are a foreign company. My purpose is very simple, that is, foreigners who come here to talk about business and understand Chinese traditional culture. We have branches and offices in the United States, English, Germany, Day and India, the arrangement is the same, that is, it is to use export to spread Chinese culture. Yuan Yongdong, 70 years old, born in Northeast, Azheng, Hangzhou Xiaoshan, with his parents to Taiwan in 1949. He said that there are many places in a lifetime, and finally found that the roots of Chinese culture are in the mainland. He is investing in the factory here. . The "Dibao" owner mentioned above, Taiwan-funded enterprise Shihua Industrial (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Huang’s brother is introduced by Mr. Jane.

Mr. Jane came to Hangzhou to invest in in the 1990s. As the business is more, he is more optimistic about the mainland’s investment prospects, so he introduces several Taiwanese, including Huang’s brothers, to invest in Hangzhou. .

He said that the reporter said that the Hangzhou Taiwan office is like a relatives, I want to repay their best way to "Taking Taiwan" – introduced more Taiwan vendors to Hangzhou, support the economic construction here.

(Editor: Wang Nan (internship), Liu Jie, sharing, let more people see.

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