Zhijiang Bailizhou Yangtze River Bridge is coming

Zhijiang Bailizhou Yangtze River Bridge is coming

Zhijiang Bailizhou Yangtze River Bridge is coming

Jingchu Net (Hubei Daily Network) News (correspondent Fang Bian Yunhai Yan Fujiang Mountain) Baili’s opportunity is finally here! In mid-September, the official public bidding including the Bailezhou Yangtze River Bridge is officially open, which means that the construction of the branch of the Tongong Expressway will enter the countdown. "This bridge is really coming." Cooji, deputy secretary of the party committee of Branch, Zhijiang City, is excited and looking forward to it. "The people in the continents are looking forward to having such a day."

For the development of Baili, the construction of the Bridge repair highway will be the new pattern of the epoch.

Previously, all industrial projects on the "Clear" Island in Baili is to give high quality development. The Bai Rizhou, a green onion, is facing the river. Huang Yu, an old-fashioned transportation by three attack piers, is like a note in the Yangtze River.

At 10 o’clock on November 9th, the branch of the river fiscal temple is full of mouth, waiting for the transition of the car long dragon over the river embankment, straight to the road under the embankment.

The big river is running, and the high ship boat on the busy gold waterway is coming. Bethizhou on the shore of the ferry is green in the heart. Baili is the first large river in the Yangtze River. Although the road on the island has passed the house, Baili is the only area of ??Hubei Province, the regional border town of the county road. The island of this lonely Hirace has been maintained at 3 Victorus Terminals with road traffic with the outside world.

Traffic is the largest bottleneck in Baili. The Temple Temple Ferry is the busiest one in the 3 full mouth. The ferry operator Gong Mensimin introduced that the two fringed boats in the treasure tomb and Baili Liuxiang, 6 points in the morning, 9 points at night More than 2,000 passes of the river vehicles every day. On May 14, 2020, the drilling team began drilling operations in Baima Temple Village, Jiangbei, and the South Bank.

The locals rushed to tell, the Bailezhou Yangtze River Bridge finally landed, and row the schedule. This will also be the 10th Yangtze River Bridge in Yichang, which is significant for the construction of Yichang Expressway Network. According to the lines listed in the tender announcement, when the branch of the Lunong Expressway, the G42 Hurberry Expressway in Huanglin Village, Dangyang City, China, two rivers, half a month, in questioning, and g50 Hui Expressway. Then, across the Yangtze River to Baili near the Temple Town Temple, extends in the southeast, all the way, cross Songzi, with S88 Yue Yi high-speed, route is about 76 kilometers.

The arrival of the bridge has also made Gong Ben Min realized that his ferry business entered the last time.

"The highway is trimmed. Who is the transition?" Gong Benmin said, this is the inevitable development, and it is not a pity. "Building a bridge is a very good thing. When you change the ship type, you can run it again.

"The island industry project" Clear "Baili Head and the rolling rolling, the river is in the face of the hit, and the magnificent river is being bullish. One south, the northern Jiangshui water is more than 30 kilometers, and returns again Gathering. Baili is still a typical agricultural style, and the embankment has a beautiful arc from the Yangtze River.

The crops have just harvested, and the naked fields are gone. An artificial river, a width of about 50 meters, is running through Bethi Nine, and the cross-strait house of the river is in the house, and a small bridge is communicated with people in both sides.

"The water system on the island is excavated." Jinxu, the staff of the Bailezhou Town Water Conservancy Service Center, said that from 1959, the first shot of the water, Bethili has been treated several times, and the island has finally completed the improvement. The hydraulic system has changed the historical situation of "inch water flooded." Local habits use this artificial river as a world, divide Bailezhou into hundreds of miles, the upper pear fruit, and the cotton food is produced.

Yang Yunyu, who was working in Baili 30 years, said Yang Yunyu, said that the agricultural output value of Bethizhou Town accounts for one-sixth of Yichang City. Walking along the artificial river through Baili, the place is still the style of the 1990s.

These years, the pressure of the development of Bethi has always been "in our troops."

"There is no industrial enterprise across the entire Bethizhou.

"Coo said, there have been many projects to find, but the main leaders of Zhijiang City have stepped on the brakes:" Baili is the gift of nature, and the project is easy to go to the future generation! "In 2016, a company wants to invest 200 million yuan, along the river built 30 kilometers of wind power projects, but Zhijiang believes that the natural landscape is destroyed.

Another company wants to invest 300 million yuan to build a photovoltaic power generation project, which is also rejected due to destruction of natural landscape. In these years, the town’s rejected investment project has reached 2.6 billion yuan.

"Jie sister fish cake and Yida weaving two companies are also moved by the government.

"Coolan said that" Clear "industrial project is waiting for the construction of the bridge, and spathes a space for the future high quality development.

"China’s ecological island has unveiled the veil as the first continent of the Yangtze River. On the development chess bureau of Zhijiang, Baili is responsible for greater development.

With the landing of branches and Pine highways and the construction of Baili Bridge, Baili’s future looks more and more clear.

In the preparation of the "branching city development strategic plan", Zhijiang City officially put forward "green Bai Lizhou", and built Baili as China’s ecological leisure island.

This year’s branch "two sessions", support Baili to build China’s ecological island to write into the branching government work report.

In fact, Baili has always been a "ecological" and "leisure" two keywords.

As early as 2010, Baili relies on the regional advantages and industrial ecological advantages, and hosts the first Raili Bicycle Invitational Tournament.

In 2015, the event was upgraded to a national level, attracted nearly 10,000 players from all over the world. The bicycle racing has driven local ecological tourism development, and the Bai Rili bicycle track has also been continuously selected for China Sports Tourism Boutique Lines, and became a beautiful sports tourist business card for Yichang. Upgrading the retrofit road, like a jade belt around Bailizhou Town, dancing the new attitude of transportation, industries, tourism and people’s livelihood.

It is understood that the branch of Zhijiang City invited Tsinghua University, China Planning and Design Institute and Hubei Provincial Urban Planning and Design Institute to investigate in Bailizhou, and plan to develop and develop for the construction of Bailezhou Town. In the "Yichang 2050 Development Strategic Plan" that has been completed, there is a higher expectation of Bethi, proposing the standard of Chongming Island standards in Shanghai, creating a national-level ecological island, from environmental quality, ecological space, biodiversity, 4 dimensions such as climate and energy determination of 9 core control indicators.

At the same time, the plan proposes to promote the construction of Eco-Island in Baili, with the help of China’s international road bike competition, enhance the popularity of Baili Sports and leisure, and introduce a meeting for leisure, green and low-carbon, etc., to form Bailizhou International famous gas and influence in ecological leisure.

"Remarriage" for many years, an ecological oasis of the main modern agriculture, the integrity industry, and leisure tourism, is about to uncover the veil.

The painful accumulation of potential energy is inhand, and the ecology is ecological, and the foreign development is developed.

"There is no industrial project on the island, but Bethizhou Town has never slowed down.

"Sun Qingdong, secretary of the Party Committee of the Baili Town, said that the landing of the bridge is greatly encouraged to morale cadre, everyone has a dry power of the landing.

In the "one district, five parks" in branch, Zhijiang City is strong, and Baili is a "breakout" battle in the development of the flying economy. Since 2018, Bailizhou Town has successfully introduced 7 foreign investment enterprises such as Xinyongbo Biology, Duan Dynasty, and Bai Hao’s new materials into the island, and the total investment exceeded 3 billion yuan.

"After all of these projects have been completed, it will allow Bailezhou towns to increase the industrial output value of 2.5 billion yuan, tax collection of 70 million yuan." Sun Qingdong said, now we have worked hard, it is to accumulate the potential energy, "so that the bridge is built to open traffic." We have financial resources to do more things.

"The future constructs include the Scenic Spots, including Liu Lane Scenic Area, Baili Head, Duck Lake Wetland and the Four Platling Area of ??the Gold Bay. "Ke Tian introduced, will be based on the foundation of the existing roundabout, to create a 74-kilometer Bethihuan Green Ring, a series of ecological landscapes and leisure projects.

"Relying on the transportation advantage of the entrance and exit in Bailong Expressway, fully integrate agricultural resources, cultural resources, and landscape resources to build ecological culture oasis and leisure tourism islands.

"Coo said that the new development pattern of Baili has attracted several companies to come, this time, the town has received several guests.

Spring is invited by pear, giving all eight party customers to enjoy the fragrance of the snow; Xia takes the pear as a thank you, give a gift of hot summer and clear and cool. The development and picture of "China Ecological Island" is being developed in this kind of hot soil.

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