The party flag, in the Alashan anti-optical line

The party flag, in the Alashan anti-optical line

The party flag, in the Alashan anti-optical line

  Golden Poplat, autumn is very strong.

The new crown pneumonia epidemics suddenly, Alashan started the anti-vlasty battle. The Alashan League Committee issued an initiative to call on party organizations at all levels. The majority of party members will give full play to the party organization battle fortress role and party pioneer modeling. As of October 24, the entire group has built 1068 working groups (volunteer service team) , Set up 1934 party members, delineate 969 party members responsible areas, 1525 grassroots party organizations, 10,000 party members and cadres, volunteers, and meners to invest in the prevention and control.

  As a support for the Hubei Medical Team, the Nursi Sajna submitted to the party organization in the first time: "As a communist party member, it has a practical experience that supports Wuhan anti-optics, I applied for participating in the hometown of cultural affa.

"On October 18, the 20 police officers of the Alashan right flag took the initiative to fight, and they went to the Nija flag overnight.

There are 16 people in the Communist Party, reported, contracted, leading, grouped, laid, and no too many languages, only the actual actions practice "the epidemic does not refund our non-refund" 铿铿.

  "Key post, I am a party member, I will first." Become the party members of the whole group face the most loud answer in the epidemic.

  In a critical moment, the power of the parties quickly assembled. The Alax League Committee organizes the Ministry of Focus on key industries to allocate 1 million party fees for support for the prevention and control of epidemic.

The League Public Security Bureau supported the establishment of the Temporary Party Branch, divided 10 Temporary Party Group, and all the party members came. The Alliance Education Sports Bureau actively organized the majority of faculty and staff of the school school to start broadcasting on the online broadcast teaching, and did "suspension." The party organizations such as League Market Supervision Administration, the Alliance Cultural Tourism and Television Bureau, etc., the party organizations, etc. Safe, steady, orderly. The more critical, the more you want to recognize the responsibility mission of the Communist Party member; the more critical moments, the more you want to highlight the community of the Communist Party, the more critical moments, the more you want to show the Communist Party members.

On the battlefield without smoke, a communist party member came forward, and one battle fortress stands, the fresh red party flag is highly fluttered in Alashan epidemic. (Reporter Shuang Shuang) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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